Monday, May 28, 2007

Online dating blurs the rules

So I met this guy on Yahoo! Personals and he seemed like a really cool guy. We talked on the phone for over a half hour on Thursday, and I enjoyed it. I then said we'd continue the conversation tomorrow, as it was late. But I never called back, and neither did he.

Then on Saturday, I gave him a call to see if he was still up for doing something on Sunday or Monday, as we had discussed earlier in the week. I never heard back.

Is it the fact that this started through an online dating site that the rules of courtesy don't seem to apply (both for me not calling him back originally on Friday, and for him ever calling me back at all)? I know nothing was ever set in stone, but somehow I feel like because we started online, the ephemerality of it all just makes it seem like less of a big deal if someone doesn't get back to someone else.

Maybe I should try bars again. :-)

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