Sunday, February 21, 2010

Verizon's Red Map for Central NJ: Some Kind of Cruel Joke?

If you live in a town in Ocean County, NJ, like Jackson or Lakewood, you might as well use two cups and a string.

In Jackson, especially the further you get away from Freehold, the exponentially more likely it is that it will be impossible to hear your interlocutor.

By the time you get to your driveway, all hope of cellular communication has been lost forever. We actually joke here that Jackson is some sort of electronic black hole. :-)

There's actually a cell tower up right across from my main road, but apparently it was never turned on. Something having to do with land rights and legal wrangles that have apparently been going on for years, with no end in sight.

Bottom line, if you want a greater than 10% chance of actually having a conversation on your cell phone, get one from AT&T, or contact the Mayor of Jackson Township.